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Welcome to Permanent Records

Permanent Records was established in the Spring of 2016 by Seth Gale and Titus Smith. Beginning this August, you will experience 31 original tattoo designs from some of our favorite artists and designers spanning the globe. This is our first session. We hope you enjoy.

The Playlist

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Why tattoos?

There's something about designing tattoos... Maybe it's the intentionality of permanent ink on skin. Maybe it's the originality of each unique stroke... We really love tattoos.

Why music?

Song lyrics provide a distinct experience for every single person... Even though we're all listening, no two of us hear the same thing... The inspiration had to come from somewhere.

I really like one of these designs. Can I get it tattooed on my body?

Of course! It's not like we can stop you anyway. In a perfect world, all of our artists would get paid for their work. Because all contributions to PR are voluntary, we're encouraging anyone that gets a tattoo to contact the design's respective artist and work out a nominal fee or a contribution to a charity of the artist's choice. Also, we'd really love to see photos of the finished tattoos (tag @permanent_recs on Instagram and Twitter).

Can I share one of your tattoos on my blog?

Absolutely. Just be sure to link back to PR and always credit the original artist and lyricist(s) in your post.

I'm an artist! How do I contribute?

The inaugural (Summer) edition of Permanent Records is complete, but we're looking forward to accepting suggestions and applications for future editions. Contact Us

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